Caddo Parish School District

MobyMax Helps Louisana School District by Streamlining RTI Assessments

When Caddo Parish in Louisiana began to develop a new RTI (Response to Intervention) plan three years ago, officials knew that one of the challenges would be to implement streamlined, reliable diagnostic methods and ongoing assessments. 

They turned to MobyMax and were so thrilled with the results and the price that the nation’s leading K-8 online learning tool soon became an integral part of the district’s RTI strategy.

Why MobyMax? 

All school districts need tools that are straightforward, affordable, and achieve great results, and Caddo Parish found MobyMax consistently met all three criteria for the Louisiana district of 61 schools. 

“We selected MobyMax to simplify the process and offer something to our students that met the challenges academically and instructionally in a user-friendly platform,” said Erin Redden, Director of Accountability and Instructional Support with Caddo Parish Public Schools. “The tool could not be mundane, tedious, or boring, either. The teachers liked the ease of use and instant feedback, and the students were excited, too.” 

How MobyMax Helped Caddo Parish Achieve Its RTI Goals: Diagnostics and Assessments 

The National Center for Learning Disabilities lists three essential components for an effective RTI plan: tiered instruction and intervention, ongoing student assessment, and family involvement. Caddo Parish found that MobyMax incorporates all three essential components, starting with diagnostics. 

That was important because in order for an RTI program to implement successful tiered instruction and intervention, it needs reliable diagnostic tools. MobyMax provides those tools with diagnostic tests that quickly assess student proficiency in each standard of the Common Core. This function assists teachers in one of their biggest challenges: identifying student learning gaps and assigning appropriate lessons to fill those gaps...Read more.

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